What Professional Football Players Eat To Get Maximal Stamina during Training and Matches

June 29, 2017sports Standard

Besides doing tight training schedule, professional football players also need to keep their eating habit. It is important to keep their performance as well as to keep their weight. They need to have ideal weight to play maximal on the field. Just imagine if they are suffered from overweight problem. So, do you want to be a professional football player? Or you just want to know their eating habit so you can follow to keep your health? Let’s talk a little bit about what professional football players eat and what they don’t eat.


Allowed Foods for Professional Football Players

Just like any other people or athletes, football players also need to eat three times a day. What makes it different is on the portion and the nutrition they should achieve everyday. The information bellow is the example of foods which are allowed to consume by professional football players.

Breakfast for Professional Football Players

Football players don’t omit their breakfast. In fact, they should eat breakfast because it gives energy especially if they have morning exercise or match. The best foods for breakfast are foods contain of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, and mineral. The simple breakfast example for football players is whole grain toast. The toast is filled by eggs, avocado, and tomatoes. Sometimes, they also eat WeetBix with yogurt, berries, and milk. Fruits and vegetables are a must in the morning. For DIY football player breakfast, you may start with protein pancake, yogurt, berries, and nuts, mushroom omelet, and many more.

Breakfast for Professional Football Players

Morning Snack for Professional Football Players

Football players are also allowed to consume snack in the morning. Again, the key is choosing healthy snack which can support their health and performance on the field. There are several types of healthy snacks for football players. Those are including nuts, fruits, and yogurt. Those snacks are taken because it is not too heavy on your stomach. The nutrition within the snack is also good for your metabolism. It boosts your energy to do morning exercise or match.

Lunch for Professional Football Players

There is an interesting fact related to lunch for football players. Some of professional football players tend to have two times lunch. The first lunch is close to lunch time. Because they can eat lunch earlier, some of football players tend to eat small portion of morning snack and start their lunch. Actually, the portion and the type of the lunch depend on the level of training that day. Let say, they have to do heavy training program it means they are allowed to eat pasta, sushi roll, salad, chicken, and burrito with salad and meat. You may start the first lunch around 11.30am. Then, you can start your second football player lunch. It can be started at 2 up to 2.30pm. The lunch can be a little bit lighter than the first one. Let say, you can eat soup and toasted veggies sandwich. It is also allowed for you to eat rice cake with tuna and olive oil, tomatoes, and lettuce for the topping.

Afternoon Snack for Professional Football Players

Yes, you deserve to eat afternoon snack. Professional football players tend to take a small bowl of fruits. It is enough to keep their stomach full before starting their dinner. The fruits are various including berries, strawberry, and many more. Don’t take too much because you still have dinner.

Dinner for Professional Football Players

There is also a unique fact related to dinner for professional football players. They tend to eat dinner with macronutrient balance method. In this model, you are eating model of third which is a third of carbohydrate and a third of vegetables. The good news is that you may eat fat as long as it is cooked with olive oil. To give more taste, you may also add cheese. For example, you may prepare a bowl of rice, veggie, and protein. The protein can be chicken, fish, seafood, and many more.


Dessert for Professional Football Players

If you think that football players are not allowed to eat dessert, you are wrong. For dessert, football players are allowed to consume smoothies, milk, yogurt, fruits, and seed. For more variation, you may also eat fruits toasted with ricotta and banana. The main purpose of this dessert to gain more muscle mass.

Pre Match Foods and Post Match Foods for Professional Football Players

Professional football players should consider about their pre match foods and post match foods. Liverpool for example, they tend to eat foods contain of carbohydrate to boost their energy before starting their match. Moreover, they also have to eat some foods contain of protein. The most important thing, they have to drink 3 liters of water a day to keep their body hydrate. Their schedule makes it a little bit different than ordinary people. Professional football players have to eat specific post match foods. Those foods are including chicken wraps, fruits, burritos, or avocado. It is a must for them to eat post match foods to bring their energy and muscles mass back after their hard game.

Additional Things to Do by Professional Football Players

It is not only their training and matches which are tight but also their daily activity. Besides eating with fully controlled menu, football players also need to drink plenty of water. It is okay for them to drink a cup of tea or coffee in the morning but it is not more than two cups a day. It has a strong relationship with their sleeping habit. Too much coffee and tea can disturb their sleeping schedule whereas sleeping is very important for an athlete including football players. The sleeping for football players is not the length but their quality. To get high sleeping quality level, football players should take healthy diet menu. No matter how tight their eating rules, they are allowed to eat the not allowed foods in very small portion. Sometimes, they can eat a small bar of chocolate or a piece of muffin or cake. The former head of sports medicine and sports science from one of popular football teams said that the most important thing is listening to your body. You should know whether you are hungry, full, tired, unwell, and type of food you should take.

Now, you know what professional football players eat during their career in professional football league. Do you want to try to do it? Just try it now and try to have better stamina and energy from such kind of eating schedule. Then, combine it with regular exercise and training and you will be a good football player just like your favorite one.