The Reborn of the Old Lady

June 28, 2017sports Standard

When Juventus FC involved in Calciopoli scandal in 2006, most of us thought that the club with the unique nickname of La Vecchia Signora or The Old Lady is over. Two scudetto that this club has won under the Fabio Capello managerial since 2004 was taken. More than that, Juventus has also forced to degrade into Serie B, which become the first time in club’s history. And, that’s not all. Many Juventus star players which at that time don’t want to play in the second tier of Italian football league leaved the club. Big names like Lilian Thuram, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and even the best player in the world at that time, Fabio Cannavaro which become the main player in the defense line of Juventus, left to Santiago Bernabeu, join with Real Madrid, followed the head coach Fabio Capello, whose also move to coach Real Madrid. However, there are few of Juventus star player that keep stay in the club to help Juventus to go back to the highest league in Italian football competition. Alessandro Del Piero, David Trezeguet, Pavel Nedved and Gianluigi Buffon are few of them. With this condition, Juventus seems will having hard time to get promotion to Serie A. But, because of this condition, there are also many young players promoted into main team. They also become the backbone of Juventus team in the future, for example Claudio Marchisio, one of best midfielder that Juventus has now.


However, they proved the other way. Spent only one season in Serie B, Juventus has successfully dominated the second tier of Italian football league. Del Piero also has successfully become the top scorer with 21 goals. And, Juventus, finally, returned to where it was belong to. At that time, Claudio Ranieri coached Juventus. Juventus debut in Serie A under the coaching of the man with Tinkerman nickname isn’t as bad as many people thought. They have successfully finished in 3rd position of the Serie A in the end of season. However, in Champions League, Ranieri can’t do much. Chelsea beat them and makes them have to forget their dream to move further. Management pointed Ciro Ferrara as caretaker, replacing Ranieri, which continued until the next season. Under Ferrara coaching, Juventus also get bad result. They didn’t qualify into Champions League and failed at Coppa Italia. With half season left, Juventus still stuck on 6th position. Management did another change by choosing Alberto Zaccheroni as the new coach. However, it doesn’t give any effect. Zaccheroni even make Juventus worst, by standing at 7thposition at the end of season. Replacement needs to be made, and once again, management also chooses wrong people by pointing Luigi Delnieri.

2010-2011 Siena has successfully promoted to Serie A from Serie B. The man behind this club success is Antonio Conte, former Juventus player. Juventus management that sees their old acquaintances achievement decided to contract him as the new coach for Juventus. They did the right and maybe the best decision in club history. The first season under Conte coaching, Juventus reach one of unbelievable result of the season.

Antonio Conte the man behind the success of Juventus

2011-2012 was the first season, where Conte becomes Juventus coach. And, in his first season, he also successfully takes Juventus to won Serie A, and get scudetto back that has been taken from them because of Calciopoliscandal. But, that’s not all. La Vecchia Signora also won the title with unbeaten status. It’s the same with what Arsenal did in 2004, when they won the Premiership unbeaten, which make them got nickname as The Invincible Arsenal. However, the journey to the first scudetto after scandal wasn’t that easy. Juventus has to compete tightly with AC Milan until week 37th. On week 37th, Juventus has successfully beat Cagliari with score 2-0, while AC Milan was beaten by Internazionale with 4-2 score. Then in week 38th, Juventus close the season by beating Atalanta with 3-1. And, the history was made. Juventus won Serie A, unbeaten. Conte stays in Juventus for 3 seasons, from 2011 to 2014. During his coaching, Juventus won 3 scudetto in a row. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any chance to won Coppa Italia. Then, at the end of 2014 season, Conte left Juventus. judi bola

The next coach that management chooses is Massimiliano Allegri. Juventini, the nickname of Juventus supporters, was little bit worried about this name. It’s natural, because his coaching career in AC Milan isn’t as good as what everybody thought. However, he successfully made great debut, by winning the 2014-2015 scudetto. The 4th one or 4 in a row. That’s not all. Allegri also successfully lead Juventus to win Coppa Italia and goes to final stage of Champions League, even though they were losing to Barcelona with 3-1 score. And, he didn’t stop. Juventus keep winning the scudetto and Coppa Italia for the next two seasons, which make the last 6 scudetto went into Juventus hand. Last season, Juventus also successfully reach the final stage of Champions League. However, Real Madrid seems too powerful for them and they were beaten with score 4-1. Even though they didn’t successfully won Champions League, we can say that Juventus is back. This club has become the old strong club that we believe, every supporter of other club in Italia hate this club, because they are very difficult to beat.

Actually, there are many reasons why The Old Lady has successfully reborn and become the king of Italian football competition. It’s the innovative formation that Conte used during his coaching. He used 3 defense player systems, which very suitable with Catenaccio system. The system that focus on create no-holes-defense make this club become one of the club with best defense in Europe. And then, Allegri perfected it by making this formation more stable and flexible. It makes Juventus become not only strong in defense, but also strong in offense, which can be seen on how much goals they score last season. Now, we just need to wait, if Juventus can repeat their great achievement last season on next season and get the 7th.