The List of Professional Football Players Exercises

June 25, 2017sports Standard

Being a professional football player is not an easy. You have to follow tight schedule and exercise to keep your strength, endurance, and skill. For those who are curious about what kind of exercise done by professional football players, you may check the information below. After learning about it, just try to do it so you can increase your strength, stamina, endurance, and skill like a professional football player.


How to Increase Endurance like a Professional Football Player

One of the secrets to be a great football player on the field is by having good endurance level. So, what do you have to do to keep or boost your endurance just like your favorite football player? This is the answer. It is a must for football players to travel up to 13 km or 8 miles a day. It has to be done in 90 minutes. The type of exercise is various including walking, jogging, running, sprinting, and many more. The main purpose of doing this type of exercise is for their cardiovascular system and muscular endurance. The variation of exercise depends on the condition of the player itself. For example, walking is perfect exercise after weight lifting session. You may walk while taking your dog out or in the morning while taking fresh air. 30 minutes a day is enough for keep your endurance. Moreover, you can take running for the next endurance boosting program.

How to Increase Strength like a Professional Football Player

It is very important to improve your strength because it keeps your power and speed while playing football on the field. Just imagine how many times you should hold your opponents from physical clash. It is a must for you to have great strength so you can hold it until the end of the game. The exercise to increase your strength is various. All of football players will do specific exercise such as squats, step up, pushup, chin up, dips, and many more. The key of this exercise is using your bodyweight as resistance. Don’t forget to use all part of your body. The more strength you have, you can reduce the risk of injuries while playing on the field. At the same time, you can also increase the level of your energy, metabolism, balance, stability, and agility. By having great strength you can also recover from injuries faster.

How to Increase Speed and Agility like a Professional Football Player


Speed and agility becomes one of important elements if you want to be a professional player. In fact, you should run faster to catch the ball and try to deliver the ball to your friends. At the same time, you should do it for 90 minutes per match. It is impossible to do it if you don’t have good speed and agility skill. The way to increase your speed and agility just like your favorite player is simple. You just need to do sprint. The distance of sprint has important role to increase your speed. Just sprint up to 30 yards or more if you can do it. Don’t forget to note the sprinting time. The common sprinting time in 30 yards is 5.0 seconds. But you should take some efforts if you want to be a professional football player because they can sprint for 4.0 seconds only! Besides doing sprinting, you can also do several exercises. Those are including jump squats, high pull, power clean, push presses, or plyometric drills. Those types of exercises are not only good to improve your speed but also strength. The combination between fast speed and great strength produce great power. The success key of increasing your speed is by doing the exercise regularly. The more you do the exercise your speed will be increased slowly. In the end, you can really reach the target just like your favorite football player.

How to Increase Flexibility like a Professional Football Player

You also need to be a flexible football player. You have to avoid and run away from your opponents. You also need to keep the ball so it doesn’t take by your opponent. Then, you have to try to pass the defenders or opponents to create a goal. It is hard to do without great flexibility. The best way to keep and improve your flexibility is by doing stretching. This is the reason why most professional football players tend to do stretching before starting their exercise or workout. Besides increasing your skill and performance on the field, having great flexibility is also important to reduce injuries. The type of exercise you can do to increase your flexibility is including walking lunges, bodyweight squats, high knees, butt kicks, arm circle, and many more. The key is of course doing it regularly so you can really feel that your body is flexible enough to play with the ball.

It is impossible to do all the exercises above without managing your schedule well. Because of that you should make a training program schedule. Let say, in off season you can go to gym to do two strength training days. Doing speed or power day is also a great option. If you think you need to improve your speed, you might start the off season program with sprint or agility exercise for about 30 minutes. To give more variation, you can also consider 2 or 3 endurance or cardiovascular training per week. You may do hill running or outdoor activity so it will be more interesting and challenging to do. The problem is in season in which you are too busy to do those exercises. Actually, you don’t need to force yourself and it is better to reduce your exercise volume. For example, you can start with one strength exercise and speed or power exercise per week. Just try to match the exercise procedure with the game you have per week. Hopefully, by doing the exercises above you can be performed just like your favorite football player. You may apply the exercise whether you want to be a professional football player or football player for hobby. It will be great if you can play well on the field because of your maximal exercise. In fact, the exercise above can also give significant impact to your health.