All about Football That You Need to Know

August 10, 2017sports Standard

Football is one of the most prestigious games in the world. This game has turned into a competition that can maintain the prestige of a country. There are many famous football clubs in the world. There are many people who work to become soccer players. The players get paid high from winning a competition. This article will cover everything about football that consists of history and basic techniques to play the football. If you are a soccer fan, then you should read this article to the end. You will get a lot of important information about the world of football.

History of Football

Soccer is the most popular game but not many people know about the history of this game. Football has been played in China in the early second century BC. The century was the reign of the Han Dynasty. Chinese society already has a unique game. They dribble the skin and kick the ball into a small net. The game progressed to Japan. Japanese people call this game with Kemari. This game is also favored by the European community. Italian society began playing this game in the 16th century. The game became modern when it was known in the UK. Football has evolved into a competition that can entertain the public. This game is also a venue for work. There is a lot of competition in England that raises disputes among supporters and soccer players. This led to King Edward III issuing a ban on playing soccer in 1365. The ban had received support from King James I of Scotland.

In 1815, the game was revived and played in university and school areas. A soccer game with modern techniques was born in 1863 at Freemasons Tavern. Dozens of schools and clubs are discussing to decide the right rules for playing soccer. The first rule applied in playing soccer to date is the prohibition to touch the ball while playing soccer. This rule was announced in 1869. The game of football has been known by the whole world. This game has been played by merchants, soldiers, and sailors in other parts of the world. In 1904 the public established an official body to overshadow a football club called FIFA.

Basic Techniques of Playing Football

This game has a basic technique that must be done by the players. Here is a basic technique for playing soccer:


This is a kicking technique in a soccer game. This technique is the hallmark of a soccer game. This is the most dominant technique. This technique is used to feed and shoot the ball into the opposing goal. The kicking technique can be divided into three categories. This category is based on the position of the foot while playing the ball. The category is kicking the ball with the back foot, kicking the ball with the outside foot, and kicking the ball with the inner legs.


This technique is called by stopping the ball. This basic technique should not be separated from kicking techniques. Both of these techniques are complementary. This is a useful ball-stop technique to make it easier for you to feed other players. This technique is also used to set the tempo of the game. This technique can control the ball in the direction you want. There are actually several ways to control the ball. The first way is to use the back of the foot. The second way is to use the thighs. The third way is to use your head and chest.


The dribbling technique is the same as the kicking technique. The difference in these two techniques is done more slowly than the kicking technique. If you dribble, then your feet will be easy to give the ball to other players. The goal of dribbling is to inhibit the pace of the opponent’s game, bypassing the opponent, and directing the ball according to your target.

Rules of the Football Game

FIFA is the agency that is tasked with organizing and overseeing football around the world. The Institute has already issued official rules relating to the football competition. The rules are as follows:

Football field

An official football game should be performed on the green grass field with a width of 45-90 meters and a length of 90-120 meters.

Use of the ball

The ball used in the official competition shall have a diameter of no more than 70 centimeters or 28 inches. The diameter also should not be less than 68 centimeters or 27 inches.

Number of players

This game will be played by two teams. Each team has a membership of eleven players. One of the players is on duty to keep the goal. If one team is less than seven players, then the soccer competition cannot continue. If a club follows an official match, then the team may only make three substitutions. If you follow a friendly match, then the substitution of the player can be done seven times.

Use of accessories

Accessories to wear when playing soccer are the head cover, gloves, socks, and jersey.

Duration of the game

One soccer game consists of two rounds. One round has duration of 45 minutes. The match has a 15-minute pause. If in the two rounds will not be the winning team, then the game will continue with a time of 2 x 15 minutes.


This is a kick made early in the game. This kick is also done at the start of the round with extra time, the beginning of the second half, and when a goal occurs.


The ball will be declared out when it exceeds the goal line. There are certain cases when players get injured and the referee must ask for the ball to be ejected from the field line. The game will continue with the throw in.

Rule goals

Goals will happen when the ball manages to get into the opposing goal and the player is not in violation condition. Goals will happen when the ball is inserted by the opponent. Goals can happen when players from other teams commit an own goal or penalty. The score for each goal that has been declared valid by the referee is one.


This happens when the player is in the opponent’s territory and there are no defenders in the area. Players are only dealing with the goalkeeper.

Free kick

This kick must be performed in the area of the offense. The kick will be done live. Players can do this kick indirectly. The player can direct the kick directly towards the goal and the player can also feed the ball to another player before the goal.