About Us

Kenyanfootie is a blog which provided an actual and updated news with Jay is a founder of KenyanFootie. Soccer is a pure sport and always be a favorite around the world. Our vision is simple, we just want visitors enjoyed on our site by reading our articles. Together we formed a team to work together, our writer is Jay, Mellisa, Junior, and Evan. We still can grow our site and this is just a beginning. If you interested in writing on our site, we are very glad but for now, we don’t accept that. Kenyanfootie still in developing and will be complete as soon as possible.

As the Soccer news, we are aware that is not us, but almost every website has the similar content. So we can guarantee that the content is written by our team. If you think the content belongs to you. Please contact us and we will investigate it. If we find it, we will remove it. And for more question please contact us.